Why use Torch?

Torch Property Management was started by a group of Property Managers whom have dedicated their careers to managing and help grow our client’s biggest investment.

Generally, Property Management departments are started by default after a sales person sells a property to an investor; there is already the relationship between the purchaser and the agent thus making it easy for the agency to manage the property. Most real estate agencies see their rental department as a cash flow stream to help them achieve more sales. Their primary goal is to sell more property and eventually your investment.

At Torch Property Management we only manage properties. We don’t have a sales department, our goal is solely to manage your property and provide the best service we can possibly give to you the property owner and also your tenant. Choosing the wrong property manager can be as detrimental as choosing the wrong investment option on the stock market or through your super fund. When choosing a property manager you must also ascertain how the property manager deals with your tenant. At the end of the day, without a great tenant you don’t have a great investment. Your property manager needs to be able to communicate effectively and efficiently with both you and your tenant.